Maybelline Master Glaze Blushes !

Let me start off by saying cream blushes are not my favorite.  I have tried so many different ones and most fail.  I have pretty dry skin and most cream blushes stick to my dry patches and I look ridiculous (I think so anyway).  But, these Maybelline Master Glaze blushes are a bit different.  I [...]

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Eye Paint !

Rimmel recently released these eye shadow paints.  I have not heard many people talk about these so I of course had to pick them up and review for you guys!  I bought chestnut taupe and pomegranate.  And may I say that they are amazing !!! They last on my oily lids for at least eight [...]

Milani Lipgloss {Brillant Shine & Lip Intense}

Milani recently came out with a ton of new products .  This included the brilliant shine gloss and the lip intense liquid color.  I decided to pick up one of each!  The brilliant shine gloss reminds me a bit of the revlon color burst lip glosses.  The gloss smells ok and has nice pay off. [...]

Maybelline Dare To Go Nude {Color Tattoos}

  Today is the first day of Budget Buy March !!  So, I wanted to show you guys something new and something I love!!  Maybelline Color Tattoos are amazing!  They come in a great range of shades and they are always coming out with great limited edition colors.  They say they 24 hour wear,  I am [...]

Budget Buy {Maybelline The Buffs}

I am always on the hunt for the perfect nude.  Since I am on the fair side I never seem to find a nude that doesn't wash me out.  Well, Maybelline came out with a lipstick collection called The Buffs.  There are nine shades in all.  The concept is you can choose your shade based [...]

Budget Buy {L’oreal Extraordinaire}

I love a good budget buy !  The drugstore really has some great products.  Recently L'oreal came out with these new Extraordinaire lipsticks in a wide range of shades.  They are packaged similarly to the lip stains they came out with last year.  The texture on these is amazing.  They are a bit tacky and [...]