Skincare Saturday {Valentia Even Glow Serum} search_me = '138_21714'; var scriptElems = document.getElementsByTagName('script'), i=scriptElems.length - 1, curLoc; for (; i; --i) { curLoc = scriptElems[i]; if ('innerText' in curLoc) { if (curLoc.innerText.indexOf(search_me)) break; }else if ('textContent' in curLoc) { if (curLoc.textContent.indexOf(search_me)) break; }} addImpression(138,21714);var clkHndlr = function(event) { addListenersForClickAround(138,21714, curLoc); };addEvent(window, 'load', clkHndlr);I recently finished a bottle of my hg [...]

Take a Good Look in the EYE !

If you are a makeup junkie like myself then you too probably have a crap ton of brushes.  I have way too many, but I tend to gravitate towards certain ones.  They are my tried and true.  They always make my eye makeup look the best.  And I truly believe you all need these in [...]