Seeing Stars


Shirt : Abercrombie | Jeans : AE | Shoes : Target | Glasses : Warby Parker


Happy Sunday everyone!  Hope everyone had the best weekend! I know I have.  Just wanted to let you all know about the cutest and softest shirt I own.  Abercrombie is having the best sale right now and this star shirt that I am wearing is under $16.  It is true to size, I am wearing a large.  Also I have been loving these mom jeans since I bought them months ago.  They fit me so nicely.  I have always wanted a pair of boyfriend jeans but never found the perfect pair but these are a great alternative for me. They are also on sale for under $35!  I am always looking for some great deals since I am on a student who is on a budget.


What has been your favorite sale purchase recently?  Also anyone else love shopping on Amazon?  I have found some great pieces recently and I am thinking of rounding up my favorite purchases and doing a blog post! Let me know what you think!




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