Let ’em Sparkle


Leather Jacker : Express | T-Shirt : Nordstrom | Skirt : Amazon


I originally got this skirt to wear on New Year’s Eve however I didn’t get it in time nor did I go out.  So, I decided what the hell I’ll take some pictures in it.  This was a great find on Amazon! It was on the cheaper side and it fits perfectly.  Its nice and stretchy and pretty well made.  Plus I love the color of it.  I feel like a mermaid in this.  Next time I will get a spray tan for these legs of mine if I shoot in a dress or skirt.  Cause they are blinding!


I had a semi productive day.  I was able to shoot a lot of content for my instagram but I have been putting off some homework I have to do.  Anyone else have that problem?  You are super productive in one aspect but not in another?




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