Tom Ford Lips & Boys {Patrick, Michael, Adriano, Cooper}

Back on Black Friday Tom Ford released his Boys & Lips collection.  It consisted of 50 limited edition mini lipsticks named after men in Tom Ford’s life.  I was lucky enough to get the four lipsticks I wanted.  I know that many sold out fast.  I ordered Patrick, Michael, Adriano, and Cooper.  I wanted so many more but at $32 each I stopped myself.  They will be available again on Dec. 26 at select retailers.  

Patrick 22 and Michael 23 are very similar.  They are pinky corals.  Michael is just a smidge darker then Patrick but, we all know how I love my corals so it’s all good for me.  Adriano 33 is a beautiful red coral.  It is actually the same as True Coral, which I already own.  But I ordered blindly so I can’t really be upset.  And lastly we have Cooper 28.  Cooper is a gorgeous deep pink.  These lipstick have the same formulation as the original ones.  They are creamy and very pigmented.  Now lets talk about the difference between these minis and the full size lipstick.  A full size lipstick retails for $50 and has .10oz of product and these “minis” retail for $32 and have .07oz of product.  Which in my opinion is pretty good.  The packaging is very rich and heavy just like the full size lipsticks.  It doesn’t feel cheap at all and the lipstick bullet is small but, fits your lip perfectly. 
 Compared to a full size TF lipstick 

tom ford lips & boys adriano vs. true coral

Overall I am really happy with my picks.  Next up on my list is Francesco, Diego, Liam, and Beau.  I hear that some stores are talking pre-orders and shipping them out when they launch on Dec. 26th.  When I find out more into I’ll let you know.

Did you pick up any of the lipsticks from this collection??  Which ones are your favorite ??

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