Lorac Mega Pro Palette

I was so excited about this palette releasing.  I am a huge fan of the original Lorac Pro palette and the Lorac Pro 2.  I use them three or four days out of the week.  So of course, when I heard Lorac was releasing a Mega Pro palette ($59) I knew it had to be mine.  Unfortunately it is sold out.  And I don’t know if it will be restocked.  But in case it does I want to let you all know that you absolutely need this palette.  
There are 32 shadows in all and they are like butter.  They are silky smooth and highly pigmented.  They perform amazingly.  Super blendable and hardly any fall out (just a little on the darker shades).  At the moment I am loving two combos, Lilac all over the lid, Wisteria in the crease, and Stone on the outer third.  Secondly Dusty Rose all over, Orchid in the crease, and Merlot in the outer third.  

This palette performs just like the other Lorac Pro palettes.  I can see myself reaching for this daily.  It has so many possible combos.  And the price ($59) can’t be beat.  I am seriously in love with this palette and I can’t keep my hands off of it!!

Were you able to pick this palette up ??  What do you think ??

City Styles 

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Miss. Louise says:

    damn I missed it! I still haven't tried any of the lorac palettes, but I think it was kinda stupid that they released such a limited quantity :/ Would definitely be interested in getting this if they restocked it because helloooo gorgeous!



  2. omg you need them !!! especially the original.. i like them more then my naked palettes.. and i really hope they restock this palette cause all eyeshadow lovers need this.


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