Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Palette

Hourglass recently added this Ambient Lighting Blush palette ($58) to their line.  And I must say that I am so excited.  I first started to delve into Hourglass when their Ambient Lighting Powders came out.  It has quickly become of my favorite brands.  This palette is limited edition so if you fancy it you better jump on it.  Last year when the Ambient Lighting palette was released I didn’t pick it up and I was so disappointed that I didn’t.  Then it was re-released in spring and I knew it had to be mine.  
Anywho, back to the palette.  There are three shades in the palette Luminous Flush (champagne rose), Incandescent Electra (cool peach), and Mood Exposure (soft plum).  Incandescent Electra is exclusive to this palette.  If you aren’t familiar with the Ambient Lighting Blushes, they are a blush swirled and baked with an Ambient Lighting Powder.  They have a satin finish and give the skin such an amazing glow.  Since each blush is baked no two look alike.  So you can get one that has more powder then blush.  If you are buying this in store just take a peek.  
I have been using this palette for over a week now and I love it.  These blushes perform just like the individual ones.  They are highly pigmented and just give an amazing glow to the cheeks.  My favorite at the moment is Incandescent Electra.  It is such a gorgeous peachy, coral shade.  And we all know how I love a good coral.  Overall I am very pleased I bought this.  I don’t own either of the permanent shades in the palette so, this is a great edition to my collection.

Do you own any of the Ambient Lighting Blushes ??  Will you be snatching up this palette ??

City Styles 

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Miss. Louise says:

    oh me oh my! This palette is pulling at my little makeup heart strings! Want, no, need!



  2. Yes you need it lol !! Its go gorge and so beautiful !!


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