Tarte Pin Up Girl Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush Palette

This is the second year Tarte came out with a Holiday Blush palette.  Last year I passed on it and I regret it so much.  So this year I snatched it up as fast as I  could.  I already know that I love, love, love the Tarte Amazonian Clay blushes so there was no second guessing. 
There are five shades in this palette and it retails for $42.  This is pretty good since Tarte blushes are $26 each.  And let’s be honest who goes through a whole blush ?  I never have and I am no where near hitting pan on any of my blushes.  
These wear so well throughout the day.  They do last for twelve hours as they claim.  And the pigmentation is great.  The blushes feel buttery smooth and glide on your face.  I am also really pleased with the color selection.  There is a lighter shade and a darker shade and a few brights.  A little something for all the seasons. 

I am really enjoying this palette and can foresee using this everyday for quite some time.

Have you picked this palette up ?? What do you think ??

City Styles 

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Miss Louise says:

    I got this last week and I'm in love! A little powdery but still, gorgeous! So glad that I picked it up this year!



  2. gina cecelia says:

    Me too ! I totally regret not getting the one from last year..


  3. I'm trying so hard to hold out for the Sephora VIB sale before I get this. I do think I need it though!


  4. I really love this palette!! Totally get it during the sale !


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