Nails Inc NailKale {Bruton Mews}

Nails Inc recently released a new formula, NailKale ($14).  I was pretty intrigued by it so I picked up the shade Bruton Mews.  In all there nine shades and a base and top coat.  The whole idea behind the NailKale is that the polish is infused with Vitamins A, C, and K.  These vitamins help the production of Keratin which helps the nails grow harder and stronger.  I really like the whole concept, a nail polish that helps your nails.  
Now let’s talk about the wear.  The first time I tried this out it lasted for four/five days.  No chipping at all.  Pretty good!  I did feel like while I was wearing the polish that my nails were harder and less brittle.  I used two coats but, with this shade you only need one.  The brush is the big downer for me. It is the size of my nail.  For me it’s just too big.  
Overall I am very impressed by this polish and I am thinking of getting a few more shades and maybe testing out the base and top coat.  I really like how long it lasted and how my nails felt with it on. 
Have you tried this new formula ??  What do you think ??
City Styles  

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