Blogging 101: Inspiration

After you have been blogging for a while you can get stuck in a rut and forget why you started blogging altogether.  Every few months this happens to me and that’s when I step back and try to get inspired.
Tumblr & Pinterest 
I love tumblr and pinterest.  I could just sit and scroll for hours on end.  They have given me some great ideas for the blog.
I love to flip through Allure or People’s Style Watch.  They are always talking about something new that I have never seen before. 
Retail Therapy
I love, love, love to go shopping in NYC.  Sometimes all I need is a good walk through Sak’s or Sephora and I am inspired again.  If you don’t live near any department stores just go to their website.  Sometimes just looking in the What’s New section gets me excited. 
Other Blogs 
I love reading other peoples blogs (daily reads in the side bar).  Sometimes they use a product in a different way or they picked up a product I was looking at and never purchased.  I love looking at how other people layout their pictures.  
These are just some of the ways I get out of my blogging rut.  What are some of yours ??
City Styles   

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