Formula X The System

My beloved Revlon Colorstay base coat was recently discontinued so I needed to find a new holy grail product.  I have heard some good things about the Sephora Formula X The System ($32) so I decided to give it a go.  And I am so glad I did.  Altogether you get a cleanser, a base coat, a polish of your choice, and a top coat.  I have been testing these out for a few weeks now and I think they are AMAZING.  I love the fact that this set has a nail cleanser.  The cleanser soaks up all the oils and grim on my nails and helps my polish last so much longer.  The base coat dries a bit sticky so it adheres to the polish and the top coat gives such a nice shine.  I even prefer this top coat to my Seche Vite.  The Seche Vite tends to be goopy and when it dries fully it shrinks in size.  The Formula X top coat is nice and thin but, really helps my polish from chipping. 

If you are looking for a new base and top coat I would highly recommend these!  And the fact that you can also get a polish too is great!  I will do a review on the polishes soon.

What are your favorite base and top coat ??   Have you tried this set ??

City Styles 

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