Too Faced Perfect Lips Liner {Perfect Nude}

I have never been one for nude lips.  I always feel I look washed out since I am pretty pasty.  But, I was recently in Sephora just perusing and this Too Faced Perfect Lip Liner ($17) stood out to me.  There was a few different shades but, I remember Tiffany D talking about the nude one.  So off to the checkout I went.  Well let’s just say that this liner is a major game changer.  This has helped me become a nude lip lover.  Everyday I am so excited to use one of my nude lipsticks.  I am especially happy to report in that this has helped me wear Tom Ford Spanish Pink.  I was never able to wear it before but, with this lip liner I have been wearing it all the time.
Now what is so special about this liner.  To be honest I am not exactly sure but I do think it is the combination of the pinky nude shade and the consistency.  It’s like a primer for your lips.  It is a bit waxy but not too much and it doesn’t dry out my lips either.  It is truly an amazing product. 

I tried to do lip swatches but they didn’t come out that good.  If anyone has any tips please let me know! 
What id your favorite nude lip liner ??
City Styles 

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