La Mer Radiant Concealer {Light}

I have truly gone off the deep end.  I purchased a concealer with a price tag of $70.  Yes you read that right.  And why would I spend that much on a concealer?  Because I am a bit cray and I have a makeup addiction.  And to be honest I love my La Mer powder so much I really wanted to try the concealer as well.  I have been testing the La Mer Radiant Concealer out for a few weeks now and I have some thoughts on it.  
There are three shades in all and picked up the lightest one.  It comes in a nice pouch with a small brush.  I have used the brush to apply it and I have also used my fingers.  Personally, I like using my fingers.  I am able to warm the product up a bit before applying.  The concealer is a cream to powder finish and it can feel a bit dry if you haven’t moisturized properly.  I use the Clarins Eye Balm every morning before applying and this really helps.  It hardly creases which I love and it makes my under eye area look very bright and awake.  I use this mostly on days where I haven’t had the best of sleep or when I just feel like I need to look more refreshed.  

I wouldn’t say it is holy grail status yet but, I do enjoy it the more I use it.  And is that hefty price tag worth it?  To me I am willing to try lots of different items for the sake of beauty and letting you all know how I feel.  But if I wasn’t a blogger I would probably say the price tag is crazy and never buy it. 
What is your go to concealer at the moment ??
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