Tom Ford Extreme Mascara {DUPE ALERT}

A few months back Nordstrom had their annual buy two get one free mascara sale.  How could you pass up a deal like that?  I know I could not.  So one of the mascaras I bought was the Tom Ford Extreme Mascara ($44).  I have always wanted to try one of his mascaras and this was a great deal so I went for it.  Little did I know it is an exact dupe for my fav mascara, Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme ($26).  And I mean exact dupe.  I am not sure if Estee Lauder is the parent company for Tom Ford but, I will investigate.   

The brushes and formula are exactly the same.  They leave my lashes looking fuller and longer.  I don’t see a difference when using either of these.  So buyers beware you can go spend $26 for the Estee Lauder one or spend $44 for the Tom Ford one.  I am going to stick with my trusty (and cheaper) Estee Lauder.

Have you every bought something that is extremely expensive just to realize you have something similar and a fraction of the cost ??  If so let me know !!

City Styles 

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