Burberry Summer Showers Lip Glow Balms & Nail Polishes {Orange Poppy & Pink Peony}

Awhile back Burberry released their Summer Collection.  I was intrigued but, at the time I had many other items I wanted to purchase so I passed.  But of course me being me I couldn’t help but think about the collection so I bought a few pieces.  There were three items in all.  The Lip Glow Balm ($28/ea.), the Fresh Glow Blush ($38/ea.), and the Nail Polish ($21/ea.).  I opted to skip out on the blush since I am not really a cream blush wearer.  
So first we have the Lip Glow Balms.  I ordered two out of the three shades, Pink Peony and Orange Poppy.  These are quite on the sheer side, which I like.  Pink Peony is a mellow pink.  It isn’t too bright but, still has a nice shade to it.  Orange Poppy is a bright orange.  I don’t have much like it in my collection.  I think it will be great for the summer time.  These have a few hours of wear time.  I have heard that if you apply them with a lip brush you can get more pigmentation.  I like a good sheer lipstick so I am happy applying these right out if the tube.  They remind me very much of the YSL Volupte Sheer Candy’s. 
And then we have the Nail Polishes.  Again I opted for two out of the three shades, Pink Peony and Orange Poppy.  As we all know I love a good coralish and pinkish color.  These polishes are very pigmented.  You could probably go for one coat but, I applied two just because that is what I like.  Orange Poppy is a muted orange that is a bit pearlized.  You can’t really tell when on the nails but when the sun hits the bottle you can tell.  Pink Peony is a darker pink shade.  It reminds me more of a raspberry shade.  These polishes last at least three days with no chipping.  On the fourth day I did get some chipping enough to change my polish.  

Overall I really like these shades.  And I totally want to try more of the polish shades!

Have you tried any of these items ??  What did you think ??

City Styles 

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Miss Louise says:

    wow, orange poppy is a really stunning shade! I've just discovered my love for the YSL sheer candies! Might have to try those next!



  2. gina cecelia says:

    Orange Poppy is gorge ! Pink Peony is nice but not as nice as the orange lol


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