Malin + Goetz 1oz Essential Kit

I have been eyeing this Malin + Goetz set at Space NK for a while now and finally took the plunge.  I don’t travel that often but, when I found out I was going on vacation with my family I knew I had to have it.  The kit includes six 1oz travel size bottles of the essentials you will need; body wash, body moisturizer, face cleanser, face moisturizer, shampoo, and conditioner.  I used this all four days I was away and I was so happy I did.  I hate going to a hotel and not knowing what kind of products they provide you with.  Most hotels have some crappy stuff so, I have learned to bring my own.  I was very pleased with this Malin + Goetz set.  The shampoo and conditioner are my favorite.  They left my hair feeling squeaky clean and extra soft.  The body wash and moisturizer was great too!  They smell so good and the moisturizer was so nourishing.  The face moisturizer was also nice.  It was a bit on the lighter side which is fine for my summer time skin but, in the fall and winter I would totally need something heavier.  The only product I was disappointed in was the face cleanser.  It smells amazing but, I like a cleanser that lathers up a bit.  This just didn’t do the job for me.  It did clean my face but, I wasn’t jumping for joy.  Overall I really enjoy this kit.  It retails for $30, which is $5 a bottle.  I know this will last me a while since I don’t go away that often.  But, if you are a constant traveler I would say this isn’t for you unless you want to try out a few items from this range.

What are your favorite travel items ?  Where are you going this summer ??

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