Jaclyn Hill Whitening Lightening Glosses

I am a huge Jaclyn Hill fan. I have been watching her on Youtube pretty much since she has started.  So when she said that her and Whitening Lightening partnered up I jumped on the chance to get the Rose Hill gloss that Jaclyn created.  You can purchase just the gloss or you can purchase four glosses, Jaclyn’s gloss and her three favorite.  I decided to get all four since I had been wanting to try out the Whitening Lightening glosses.  Well I am so glad I purchased all four.  They are such beautiful shades and so pigmented.  They come with a doe foot applicator and a mirror on the back.  And when you open the gloss the inside of the handle lights up.  Which is kinda cool but, I’m not the biggest fan of.  It makes it hard too see in the mirror when applying.  Other then that minor detail I love the formula.  It isn’t too sticky and lasts for a few hours.  Overall I am so pleased with these and recommend you pick them up.  Jaclyn has a 25% off coupon on her channel that I recommend you use if you want to purchase these!

Have you tried these glosses??  What do you think of them ?? 
City Styles 

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