La Mer Loose Powder {Creme 01}

I am usually not one for powders.  My skin has always been so dry that a powder would make me look extra flakey.  But, ever since I have been more oily, powder has become my bff.  I have heard such rave reviews about the La Mer loose powder that I totally wanted to give it a go.  It is more on the pricey side ($65, .88oz) but, if you think about how much powder you actually use I can totally justify the price.  This is going to last me forever.  And I mean forever.  I love to use this to set my foundation.  It is so fine and just glides over the face leaving a flawless finish.  It helps keep my oils at bay and prolongs the wear of my foundation.  I don’t think I would wear this on its own.  It is more on the translucent side.  I use this along with my Hakuhodo B002 brush because it isn’t too dense and distributes the right amount of product.  Overall I am enjoying this so much!  I reach for it everyday, which for me that says a whole lot.  
What is your favorite setting powder ? 
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