Sephora Pro Airbrush 55 {Old vs. New}

Awhile back and I mean awhile back Sephora repackaged their brushes.  I fortunate enough to pick up the old(silver handled)  Sephora 55 brush on sale.  And then of course I needed the new one(black handled) too!  Lisa (lisalisad1) is the main reason I picked up the older brush.  She was always using it with her Laura Mercier mineral powder.  I was so curious since I had the powder too.  And may I say it is amazing for that powder.  It is my go to brush when applying any pressed or loose powder.  So when the new brushes where released I was curious about how similar they were to each other.  Well they aren’t at all.  The newer version doesn’t pick up powder like the older one does.  I do like to use it to blend out my contour/blush/highlight but, thats about it.  I have used both with liquid foundation and to be honest they suck.  It left my foundation streaky.  Unfortunately the older version is no longer available but you can probably find a few on ebay or in blog sales.  I would say skip the newer version if you are looking to use it with powder.   

Have you tried any of the Sephora brushes ??  What are your opinion on them ??
City Styles 

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