Nars Contour Blush {Paloma}

Nars, in my opinion, has always been amazing with creating blushes and bronzers.  I have never heard someone say they dislike a Nars blush.  I actually have 5 or 6 myself and of course I own the cult classic Laguna bronzer.  So, when Nars came out with these Contour Blushes I had to own one.  
I chose Paloma, which has more pink undertones.  And, I am really enjoying it.  I love my Laguna bronzer but, sometimes it can look to muddy on me.  Since, my skin has pink undertones and so does this powder, this looks great on me.  It doesn’t look to muddy or over done when I contour.  And the highlighting powder just melts right into my skin.  It is such a good color match.  I use this down my nose, on the tops of my cheek bones, and on my cupids bow.  
I have been using the Real Techniques Contour brush to contour and the Real Techniques Setting brush to highlight my face.  
There are three shades you can choose from.  Paloma is the pink beige highlight with the light rose contour.  This is suitable for people with pink undertones and light skin.  Olympia is ivory highlight with rose contour and is suitable for people who have a yellow undertone and light skin.  And lastly there is Gienah which has a honey highlight and amber contour.  This is suitable for anyone who has tanned skin.  
I really am enjoying this palette.  It has actually made me use bronzer a bit more and I think that Nars hit it on the nose with this product. 
Have you tried these Contour Blushes ?  What is your favorite contour shade ??
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