Armani Sheer Blush {10 Beige}

I recently was told that Armani is discontinuing their Sheer Blush in 10 Beige.  So, I hopped on the bandwagon and ordered it.  I have been known to pass on items and then when they are discontinued I kick myself for not getting them.  But that was not happening this time around.  I never owned an Armani blush before.  Why you might ask, and to be honest just no clue.  But, I am happy to say that this blush is amazing.  So this is a public service announcement that I, Gina, endorse.  Go run to your nearest department store and buy this blush now.  It doesn’t matter what your skin tone is, go get it.

This blush has just the right amount of pink, beige, and dusty rose in it.  I truly believe it will look good on almost all skin tones.  And we all know how I hate a glittery blush but, this micro glitter/shimmer does not translate onto the cheek.  Instead it makes your cheeks look awake and alive.  I love to wear this by itself , no bronzer, no highlight.  It has such dimension you don’t need anything else.  

Compared to MAC MSF in Porcelain Pink(LE), Benefit Dandelion, and Benefit Rockateur.

I am so obsessed with this blush that I might purchase a back up.  It is long wearing (all day at work) and just works with my skin.

Have you tried any Armani blushes ??  And what favorite product of yours was discontinued ??

City Styles

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