Chanel Summer 2014 Le Vernis {Eastern Light, Sweet Liliac, Tuttu Frutti, & Pink Tonic}

Chanel’s Summer Collection features four new Le Vernis shades, Sweet Lilac, Pink Tonic, Tutti Frutti, and Mirabella.  It also features one repromote, Eastern Light.  I skipped in Mirabella because it was more of a orangey shade and I wasn’t a big fan.   
Eastern Light is a pure white.  It kind of reminds me of white out but, of course better.  I am loving white nails right now but, this is so streaky and seriously takes a life time to put on.  I went and had my nails done with this the other day and the poor girl re-did a few of my nails because it was streaky.  I love Chanel and this color just wish it was more opaque.  

Sweet Lilac is such a beautiful purple.  It is actually pretty different from all my purple polishes.  It actually pulls more pink then purple.  YSL Rose Scabiosa is almost a dupe.  Except Rose Scabiosa is a slight more pink. 

Tutti Frutti (anyone else think of Craig Ferguson when reading this name, no just me, okay) is a gorgeous deep coral shade.  It actually has micro fine shimmers in it but, when transferred to the nails you can’t tell at all. 

Pink Tonic is the ultimate pink.  It kind of reminds me of Barbie.  It is very similar to Dior’s Bonheur but, just a slight bit darker. To the naked eye you’d probably think they were the same but, a trained beauty enthusiast can tell and say we need both! 
Overall I am really loving all the shades.  They will definitely be in rotation this summer and will look good with a tan (not like I’ll really get one).  Each bottle sells for $27 and can be found at and most department store counters.  I found mine at Macy’s but, I also saw the display at Bloomingdale’s.  
Have you tried any of the new summer shades ??  What is your favorite shade ??
City Styles 
~All manicures have two coats of polish~

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