Chanel Summer 2014 Illusion D’Ombre {New Moon & Mirage}

Chanel’s Summer Collection released three new Illusion D’ombres, Mirage, New Moon(LE), and Utopia(LE).  I passed on Utopia.  It is a beautiful light purple shade that would look killer on brown eyes but, I knew that I was not going to get much use out of it.  These are actually my first Illusion D’ombres.  I have heard such good things about them and these colors are just stunning.

New Moon (on left) is this gorgeous reddish brown shade.  I am always drawn to these shades because they look so amazing with blue eye.  Mirage is more of an aged copper penny shade.  They are both highly pigmented and full of shimmer.  Good shimmer though.  The Illusion D’Ombres have this amazing whipped like texture.  I actually like the better then a cream shadow.  I love to apply these using my fingers or my Bobbi Brown cream shadow brush.  These are better layered lightly then heavily packed on.

Chanel New Moon & Mirage compared to Chanel Stylo Eyeshadow in Moon River (LE), Smashbox Cream shadow in Gemstone, MAC Handwritten, L’oreal Infalliable in Bronzed Taupe, and MAC Mulch. 

I am totally loving these two shades and think they are quite unique to Chanel and my collection.  They stay on the eyes all day (I do use a primer) and only start to crease towards the end of the night. Illusion D’ombres retail for $36.  You can find these on and most department store counters.  I found mine at Macy’s.

Have you tried any of the Illusion D’ombres ??  And do you like the texture of them ??

City Styles 

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