Let’s Talk Trash #2

I don’t know about you, but I love seeing other peoples empties.  It inspires me to try and finish up products that I have.  I also love the satisfying feeling of finishing a product.  If you aren’t a crazy makeup person like myself you might not understand what I am talking about, but just take my word for it!  So, I decided hey why not show my empties. 
(1) Target makeup wipes (2) Target exfoliating cotton rounds (13) samples …. Do you think I liked the Chanel Le Blanc serum hahaha. 
(2) full sized mascaras (6) mini mascaras (1) lip balm (1) face spray (1) aragan oil (1) primer (1) eye serum 

(1) nail polish remover (1) dry texturizing spray (2) face washes (2) face creams (2) hand lotions
What is your most repurchased item ??  I have the Oribe Dry Texturizing spray and Armani Eyes to Kill mascara on my list !
City Styles

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