Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Lipstick {Infamous}

I was walking by the Estee Lauder counter and was intrigued by these new lipsticks.  I normally don’t buy makeup from Estee Lauder but, hey these looked great so why not.  I swatched a few shades and landed on this one, Infamous.  All of the Pure Color Envy lipsticks are highly pigmented but, this one was calling my name.  It’s a rich, bright pink that suits my fair complexion very well.   It is ultra hydrating and doesn’t make me feel like I need a lip balm once it has worn off a bit.  It lasts on my lips around 3/4 hours depending on what I am eating or drinking.   And, I am in love with the packaging.  It is sleek and rectangular (which I love) and it has a magnetic closure.  Something about a magnetic closure just screams luxury to me.  Now at $30 a pop these are up there with Dior Extreme lipsticks and Burberry lipsticks.  I believe the Color Envy lipsticks are just as good in quality.  I have very much been enjoying this formula and am thinking about going back and getting one or two more !  You can find them at most department stores.  I bought mine at Macy’s.  Or you can order online from Estee Lauder.  

What has been your favorite lipstick lately ??  And what lipstick formula do you just hate ??

City Styles 

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  1. would like to see it looks like lipstick


  2. gina cecelia says:

    ill try .. I've tried before and the pictures just look crazy lol


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