Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask !

As I have said before, if you don’t own anything by Bite Beauty you better hop on over to Sephora and pick yourself up a few things.  Bite Beauty is an all natural lip care company.  I have a few of their lip pencils and I am about to place an order to get a few of their lipsticks too.  Awhile back I picked up this Agave Lip Mask on the recommendation of a youtuber.  And let me say I am extremely happy I did.  I love to use this as an over night treatment.  My lips have been like the Sahara Desert lately and this has totally helped them.  It is a thick ointment like mask that smells divine (think A&D but so much better).  You only need a little bit.  The one think I don’t like about this is the packaging.  It is very hard to squeeze out of the tube at times.  But, it does leave me lips nice and moisturized in the morning so, I forgive the packaging.  This has helped more then any other balm I have used.   
What is your favorite lip treatment ??
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