Chanel Les Beiges Powder !

The Les Beiges powder debuted in the US back in August.  At the time I could not wait to get my hands on it but for some reason I never picked it up.  Well I am sorry that I didn’t.  This powder is just fabulous!  It is finely milled and more on the sheer side.  It works lovely to set your foundation or even just to dust all over your face on a no makeup, makeup day.  I use mine everyday to set my foundation and it works wonders.  As you all know by now I have extremely dry skin and normally I don’t set my foundation at all.  But, this powder has changed all of that.  Since it is so fine and sheer it does not hold onto my dry patches.  It actually gives my face a nice healthy glow.  It does not break my foundation down throughout the day and wears nicely.    
It comes in seven shades.  I am actually thinking of picking up a darker shade to use as a bronzer.  The beige packaging is so gorgeous and the half moon brush is actually not bad.  I do prefer to use the Sephora 55 Pro Airbrush though.  This is the older version which I like more then the newer one.  But that is a totally different subject and totally different post.  Now buyer beware that this powder does have a scent to it.  On the website it claims the scent it White Rose and Cotton Flower.  I actually love the smell and it does not bother my skin at all.  

All in all I am really happy with this powder.  The only thing is at $57.50 a pop it is quite expensive.  But I mean it makes my skin look so amazing so I am willing to shell out the $$.   
Have you tried the Les Beiges Powder ??  What is your holy grail powder ??
City Styles 

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