Marc Jacobs {Shout}

marc jacobs lovemarc matte lip gel
In the beginning of February Marc Jacobs came out with five new limited edition Matte Lip Gel lipsticks.  They have such cute names; Scandal, Shout, Gossip, Flirt, and Pout.  The shades range from a nice red to a pretty nude.  I of course went for Shout which is a beautiful coral shade.  These lipsticks are a bit different then Marc Jacob’s other lipsticks.  These have a matte-ish finish.  I would not say it is a true matte but, it is definitely not as glossy of a finish as the original Lip Gels.  The Matte Lip Gels come in a very sleek package which has a matte black cap and a shiny white base.  The Lip Gels and Matte Lip Gels are the size, have the same amount of product (3.6g), and are the same price ($30).  The thing I love most about the Matte Lip Gel is the fact that it has Kokum Butter and Murumuru Butter.  These ingredients help your lips stay moisturized and restore elasticity.  I tend to get very dry, chapped lips this time of year so this really helps to have in a lipstick.  
Limited Edition Packaging – Permeant  Packaging 

marc jacobs matte lip gel
Below are some comparisons with Givenchy Croisiere Coral (LE), Tom Ford Paradiso (LE), Chanel Enjouee, and Chanel Melodieuse (LE).

shout matte lip gel comparisons

What do you think of Marc Jacobs beauty line ??  Have you tried any of their lip products ??

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