Tom Ford Spring 2014 Overview !

Tom Ford finally came out with their Spring 2014 collection!  This was the most anticipated collection of the season, in my opinion anyway!  Four new nail polishes and eight new lip color sheers were released and all are limited edition.  The lip sheers are back in the white packaging and are a bit slimmer then the regular lipsticks.  I bought mine of the Nordstrom website and I hear they are hitting stores now.  Unfortunately with this crazy weather I haven’t been able to get to a department store.  I have been doing all my shopping online.  I was able to pick up all the nail polishes and three of the lip sheers.  I am so pleased with my picks and I will be showing you all what I purchased this week!

Incandescent – Indiscretion – Coral Beach – Sugar Dune 

Pink Dune – Paradiso – Bittersweet – Sweet Spot
Incorrigible – Summer Fling – In the Buff – Firecracker 

Will you get anything from the Tom Ford Spring 2014 collection ?? And I have sad news IMATS New York tickets for sold out!!  I am so upset!  I was going to buy my tickets this week.  If you know anyone selling theirs please, please, please let me know.

City Styles 

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