Anastasia Brow Whiz !

I was never one to fill in my eyebrows until I met Daria. She always fills in her brows and I thought well hey maybe I should try it too.  At first I only used powders and I still do sometimes.  But, recently I was in Sephora and decided it was time to try Anastasia Brow Whiz.  Well I was pleasantly surprised.  I never thought I would like a brow pencil.  I tried one from the drugstore once and hated it.  Since then, I swore I didn’t like them.  Well I was so wrong.  This Anastasia lady really knows what she is doing.  My brows have never looked better!  And that makes me a happy girl.  The brows frame the face and when they look good the rest of my face looks good. I truly believe this will be on my repurchase list once it’s finished.  I love it that much!  This pencil has a nice waxy consistency and a thin pencil that makes it really easy to fill in your brows.  This comes in an array of shades.  I picked up Ash Blonde and it is perfect for my brows.  If I ever dye my hair darker I will totally pick up a darker shade.  And what I love the most about this is the spooly on the opposite end.  It tames my brows.  I give this product two thumbs up and would recommend to anyone looking for a new brow product.  

What is your favorite brow product ?? Have you tried this pencil ??

City Styles

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