Budget Buy {L’oreal Extraordinaire}

I love a good budget buy !  The drugstore really has some great products.  Recently L’oreal came out with these new Extraordinaire lipsticks in a wide range of shades.  They are packaged similarly to the lip stains they came out with last year.  The texture on these is amazing.  They are a bit tacky and dry really nicely.  They last for hours, even when eating.  If you are eating something oily then they do wear off but, still leave a nice stain. They have a doe foot applicator and as of right now I only have two colors but, I would love to get more.  At 8.99 they are a bit on the pricey side for drugstore makeup but, there are always coupons and sales.  And don’t forget to sign up reward cards!  They have gotten me some great deals. I totally give these lipsticks two thumbs up.  They are a modern take on a lipstick and they are so pigmented. 

Rose Symphony – Pink Tremolo 
What are your favorite drugstore products ??

City Styles 

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