Nars Final Cut {Final Cut & Villa Lante}

Nars just recently came out with this collection.  As of right now you can only order it from Nordstrom in the US.  Please correct me if I am wrong.  There are four blushes {Final Cut, Love, Sex Fantasy, and New Attitude} and four satin lip pencils {Descanso, Stourhead, Torres Del Paine, and Villa Lante} in the collection.  I absolutely love Nars blushes and I really enjoy the satin lip pencils.  I only ordered one of each since I ordered without looking at any reviews or swatches.  And I am so happy with my choices!  For blush I purchased Final Cut, which is a gorgeous orangey coral color and it looks great on my fair skin.  It is a matte blush, which you all know I love.  And I purchased the Villa Lante satin lip pencil.  Villa Lante is a nice true pink color that pulls a bit on the blue side.  The satin lip pencils have a nice finish that is not too glossy.  It looks great on my complexion and I have been wearing it pretty often.  If you want to see all of the blushes swatched on the cheeks then I suggest heading over to Buy Now, Blog Later.  I absolutely love Laura and have been reading her blog for years now.  And if you would like to see all of the lip pencils swatched on lips I would say to head over to The Beauty Look Book.  Both of these blogs are daily reads for me and give me a while lot of inspiration.  
 Now that I have seen many reviews and swatches, I will probably go and pick up New Attitude and Sex Fantasy.  They both look gorgeous and I do not believe I have any blush in my collection that even comes close to duping them.

Final Cut 

Villa Lante 

Villa Lante – Final Cut {heavy swatch}, Final Cut {sheered out}

Have you picked up anything from this collection ??  And do you like Nars lip pencils and blushes ??

Have a great weekend!!!

City Styles 

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