New Burberry Goodies !!

So, I have been a bit obsessed with Burberry lately!  They have a new holiday collection with this gold packaging and it is to die for!!  I could not resist!  I picked up the Lip Mist in Trench Kiss and the Lip Glow also in Trench Kiss.  Unfortunately my Lip Glow is nowhere to be found.  I hop it pops up soon! 

I am not one for a nude lip, but I couldn’t resist this packaging!  I do love this shade though.  I have never owned a Burberry Lip Mist before so I was very excited to get it.  It goes on so smooth and buttery.  It lasts for at least an hour or so, and I have to say I do love this shade.  It is nice and sheer, and almost looks like a gloss!

So then I was in Saks the other day and just happened to walk past the Burberry counter and the lady working told me to come sit down and she would do my makeup.  So I said sure why not.  Well 20 minutes later I walked out with a new foundation and a new base.  I picked up the Sheer Foundation in No. 1 Trench and the Fresh Glow in No. 2 Golden Radiance.  OMG this combo is just like the most amazing thing ever!! I was so amazed on how well it looked on my dry skin and how well it held up throughout the day.  Lets just say I am hooked!!  It doesn’t cling to my dry patches and truly gives me a nice dewy look.  

What are your favorite Burberry products ??  
I just placed an order from Nordstrom’s and Neiman’s .. So a nice haul to come soon! 
City Styles

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