Fresh vs Elf !

As you might already know I have the driest skin known to man kind.  It is absolutely horrible! Well along with my dry skin I also have pretty dry lips that tend to get chapped very easily.  It makes it very hard to wear lipstick.  So, in comes the handy dandy lip scrubs.  I have only tried 2, one from Elf and one from Fresh. 

I first picked up the Fresh lip scrub at the beginning of the year.  It was cold and my lips were chapped so, I decided hey why not!  Well let’s just say I was highly disappointed.  It was very hard to scrub my lips with this since you have to scoop it out of a jar.  Plus, it has a nasty taste.  I mean I am a believer that if you are putting it on your lips it should taste good.  
Then I was in Taregt one day and saw the Elf lip scrub and decided to give it a wirl.  It was only $3 so, why not try it.  Well may I say I was so surprised and excited.  It works amazingly well and tastes good too!     

What are your favorite lip scrubs?

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