Sonia Kashuk Eyeshadow Palettes

Have you ever just stepped into Target and walked out with only what you needed?  If you have I applaud you!  I just can’t help myself when I am there.  I must walk up and down every single isle and leave with $100 worth of stuff I probably don’t need.  That is how I have amassed these babies.  They weren’t on my list, but they came home with me anyway.

May I say I love Sonia Kashuk.  I don’t have all of her products, but what I do have I LOVE!  I especially love her eyeshadow palettes.  It all started with the Eye on Neutral palette, that has all matte shades.  How beauty lovers, love a good matte shade.  She listened to us when Urban Decay wouldn’t. Then came the Eye on Neutral Shimmers.  Again, us makeup lovers where head over heels in love.  Each of these palettes have 12 shadows for the low cost of $20.  And to be honest I would pay even a bit more for these.  They are so creamy and blendable.  There are warm shades and cool shades to accommodate everyone.  And then there are her quads.  Mine is in Textured Cocoa.  Its just amazball for blue eyes!  Again just as creamy and blendable as the others.  So I suggest that next time you are in Target you pass by the makeup section and check these out.    
Eye on Neutral Shimmer 

Eye on Neutral Shimmer 

Eye on Neutral 

Eye on Neutral 

Textured Cocoa

Textured Cocoa

Do you have any Sonia Kashuk products ??  What are your favorites ??
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