Sigma Dupe !!

So I was recently browsing through eBay and came across these brushes.  They looked so much like the Sigma Sigmax brushes that I love so dearly.  So for about $20 I picked up these Sixplus brushes.  When I got them in the mail I was so excited to try them!!  But, you must wash them [...]

We All Know I Love a Bordeaux Lip !

So a few blog posts back I showed you all my favorite fall/bordeaux lipsticks. Well I recently bought some new ones and wanted to share! This truly is my favorite time of year! Dark lips and pale skin are in, what more could I ask for!I have heard so many great things about the Ellis [...]

I’m a Lip Balm Addict !

I don't know about you, but I am a full fledged lip balm addict.  I need LA (lip balm anonymous).  And that picture above, that's not even all of them, only the ones I treasure most.  Well I guess you get the picture now.  So, lets just say I know what I am talking about [...]


So my favorite time of year is almost here!!  The Christmas season just brings me so much joy.  I love having my family all together.  I also love dressing up for Christmas!  I mean who doesn't!  Along with my love for being all fancy I also love a nice red lip for the holiday.  In [...]

Marc Jacobs Secret Love !

I recently picked up this Marc Jacobs nail polish in Secret Love and I'm obsessed!!  I seriously love this deep purple color.  I am actually wearing it on my nails right now with Chanel Taboo! WnW Disturbia - Marc Jacobs Secret Love - Revlon Plum Nights - Dior Purple Revolution WnW Disturbia - Marc Jacobs Secret Love [...]

Tom Ford Cognac Sable !

If you remember a little while back I showed you the She Wolf palette I picked up from Tom Ford.  Well the same time I also picked up one of his quads, Cognac Sable.  It is just so gorgeous!  I can't help but stare at it every time I go to use it.  The shadows [...]