Favorite Eye Combo !

I have many eye combos that I love very much, but this is my FAV combo!  It gets worn the most, especially when I have no clue what I want to wear.  It makes my eyes pop and is just gorgeous!
I first prime my lids, like always, and then pop on my Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in Amethyst.  I use my finger to blend that in and then take my Burberry shadow in Mulberry and pop that on the outer half of my lid.  And that’s it.  So easy!  And if I want to be a bit dramatic I take Chanel’s Taupe Grise and put that in my crease.  I only do this if I am heading out for the night.  It is not so much a day time look! 

Burberry Mulberry

Chanel Taupe Grise

Laura Mercier Amethyst

Amethyst – Mulberry – Taupe Grise 

Amethyst – Mulberry – Taupe Grise

What are your favorite eye combos?

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