Bronzer-licious !

Anyone else have a sick obsession for bronzers?  I never feel like I have the shade some look to light, others too dark, or even to orange.  As we all know I am ghostly pale very close to pasty, and as it progresses to winter I get worse.  So every now and then I like to look a bit human and bronze myself up.  I sometimes go for the sunkissed look or sometimes I go for a more contoured look.  I have amassed these 7 bronzer to do the trick for me.  3 can be used to look sun kissed, 3 for contouring, and 1 can go either way. 

Love Clarins bronzers!  They always look so chic and cute.  This one is the lightest in my bunch.  I go to this on a normal day to day basis to just make myself look like I’ve seen the sun in the last year or so. I normally use a MAC 129 or Bobbi Brown Bronzer brush to apply this.  Now this is no longer available, but there is something very similar and would probably do the same trick.
Oh Dior!  As you can see I love a bronzer with some pink in it!  This is very similar to the Clarins one, but just a bit darker.  I use it in the same manner as the Clarins and with the same brushes.  This was more of a on the whim, I feel like I need something luxurious purchase.  I don’t regret it, but does one need so many of the same, of course you do!  

One day I was watching Youtube, what day aren’t you watching Youtube Gina, and Nicole Guerriero was talking about this bronzer and it looked like a perfect shade for me and it is!  I was always a bit scared the Chocolate Soleil would be a bit dark for me, but this one looked right on the money!  And it is right on the money.  Primed and Poreless is a great shade for us pale/fair skinned girls.  

Too Faced Chocolate Soleil bronzer! As I said before I always thought this would be a bit dark for me, but I was wrong.  I picked this up at Sephora in one of those really cute deluxe sample packages they keep at checkout.  I can use this, lightly, as an all over bronzer or as a contour shade.  I like to us a big fluffy brush like the Sephora #40 Pro Flawless Powder Brush.   
Clarins – Dior – Too Faced P&P – Too Faced Soleil

I picked Nars Laguna up a long time ago and hated it, and i mean HATED it.  That was also before I had proper brushes or was really into makeup.  So on a recommendation from Ellejay10.  She is a fellow pale girl and said she loved this.  So I had to give it another try.  And I must say I no longer hate.  This is great for contouring.  I normally use the Real Techniques Contour Brush with this.  

I have had this Bobbi Brown bronzer in my arsenal for a while now.  It was on of the first high end bronzers I bought and used for contouring.  This light tan color is so gorgeous to contour with, especially during the summer.  I find that it isn’t too orange on my skin even though it looks a little orange in the pan.  As you can tell I love me a matte bronzer and I think this is my favorite out of all the ones I have.

Have I said I love Clarins bronzers?  To be honest I loved the packaging and design of this so much I had to get it.  This came out this summer with the Splendours Collection and I knew it would be a bit dark for a regular all over, sunkissed bronzer, but I was ok with that.  It is just so gorgeous, I could not resist.  

Too Faced Soleil – NARS – Bobbi Brown – Clarins

Are you a pasty white girl like myself?  If you let me know what some of your favorite bronzers are, and even if you aren’t let me know!!


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