Random Tid Bits !

May I say I love this photo!  It’s captures what I truly love to do, sing and dance like a fool.  If you know me then you know I truly don’t care where I am or who is around me, if a song that I love comes on I sing and dance.  I have on a few occasions embarrassed the people I was with(mother & the bf).  I used to work at Old Navy and would sing and dance around the store.  My co-workers can attest to that.  I have had many a customer give me an odd look, but I mean when a good song comes on who can hold back? 
So everyone go have you’re own dance party!  I will be hosting my own and listening to Roar & The Fox Song.  Um have you all heard that song?  So ridiculous yet catchy at the same time.
I have been loving this palette lately.  It has the perfect amount of cool tones & warm tones.  Sonia Kashuk makes amazing products for great prices.  If you don’t own anything from her run to Target now! I would suggest any of her brushes and any of her eyeshadows.  I have not tried any of the other products, but I have heard they are great.

LOVE!!!!! If you haven’t checked out Aubrey Kinch’s blog you should!  She does some amazing blog designs & every Friday she puts out adorable downloads.  Currently I have Everyday I’m Hustin’ as my computer home screen & lock screen on my phone.  I love it!!! 
So these are my random tid bits for today. 
City Styles

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