Oh Hey! Sorry, but I had a FABULOUS Weekend !

Well I had a FABULOUS weekend!  It was just perfect.  Sorry I haven’t been around I have been wiped out.  Saturday was a perfect day.  My boyfriend and I walked down the Hudson River and visited the 9/11 Memorial.  It is just beautiful.  I will have to go back when the museum opens.  We also watched the fight.  Then Sunday was a friends wedding.  I was so happy to able to catch up with old friends.  Tomorrow we will be back to the regularly scheduled program.

p.s. – this post is full of pictures.

Hope you all had a bomb digity(yes I said bomb digity) weekend!!

City Styles

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  1. now that looks like a lot of fun! by the way, you should never be sorry for being away from the blog – hey, in order to write about something you have to live a life of something to write about, right? haha. anyways, I just found your blog from a sidebar and I'm excited to be following along! Come say hi if you get a chance — I seriously love making new blogging buddies. No really, I DO!


  2. gina cecelia says:

    thanks so much!!! ill def stop by =)


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