Not Forgotten

Today is my dark day.  I think it is many people’s dark day.  I was 10 years old on that Tuesday morning.  I was only 10, but I had a huge love for New York.  I was always proud to call it my home, and I still am.  I truly wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.  Every year I sit and reflect on what happened that tragic day.  So many lives were lost, so many lives changed forever.  Thankfully no one in my immediate family worked in the city, but my neighbor who was a firefighter lost his life that day.
New Yorkers are missing a huge part of our skyline.  There is a giant gap that can never be filled.  I have yet to visit the memorial. To be honest I am not sure if I am ready to visit yet.  I was so young, but so effected by what happened.  Every year I sit and cry just thinking about it all.  There is such a wave of emotions that comes over you.  Even right now as I am typing this I can’t help but tear up.
We all come together as a country and state this day, every year.  We are united as one.  I think Rudy Guilanni said it best, ” The attacks of September 11th were intended to break our spirit.  Instead we have emerged stronger and more unified.”

Gone but never forgotten.


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