Giorgio & Nars: A Dynamic Duo

Well I had an amazing weekend, which we will discuss tomorrow.  But, today I wanted to tell you all about 2 products I have been loving.  Yes, you heard me right, I said loving.  In the past I have said I have a love/hate relationship with the Nars concealer, well as of right now we are truly in love!   
I have been reaching for this concealer everyday, never missing a beat.  It is just the right shade for my under eye area, not too dark but not too light.  It is creamy, but doesn’t cake up.  And it lasts through an eight hour work day.  My wonderful dark circles do not reappear halfway through the day, and it truly helps my eyes look more awake.  
Now for the mascara, I will tell you right now to go stop what you are doing and go online and buy this mascara.  I have tried a whole load of mascaras in my day, but this beats them all, even my L’oreal & Tarte ones.  I first heard of this mascara from TiffanyD on youtube and was like I am never buying this $30 mascara.  Then a few weeks back my bff Jo said her sister swears by this and that tempted me.  So, of course when Sephora was having their 4x the points for VIB Rouge’s I took the plunge.  And to be honest I will never look back.  This makes me lashes look just amazing.  Now I do not have long lashes, but I don’t have stubby lashes either, but this has transformed them into goddess lashes.  I put two coats on and they just look FABULOUS!!  It doesn’t transfer or flake either.  This mascara truly blows the rest right out of the water!  

What mascara and concealer have you been loving lately?
And I am going to leave you with this mouth watering photo to salivate on until tomorrow!

City Styles 

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