Take a Good Look in the EYE !

If you are a makeup junkie like myself then you too probably have a crap ton of brushes.  I have way too many, but I tend to gravitate towards certain ones.  They are my tried and true.  They always make my eye makeup look the best.  And I truly believe you all need these in your life. 
 MAC 213 & MAC 239 & Royal & Langnickel BC411 – These are both GREAT eye shader brushes! I use these for all over color.  And you can even use the 213 for some crease work.  If you are just starting off the R&L is definitely a cheaper version of the MAC ones.  It works just as well and to be honest I use it more because the brush is larger and covers more eyelid area. 
 MAC 217 & Bdellium Tools 776 – I could not live life without a blending brush.  I actually have two Mac 217’s.  They are the most amazing thing ever!  I think that you cant leave home without blending your crease.  The Bdellium Tools brush is almost an exact dupe for the MAC one.  I picked it up at IMATS and have been loving it ever since.  I love having an extra blending brush around to just buff out your shadows.  They always come in handy. 
Chanel #19 & Bdellium Tools 781 – I love these both for precision crease work.  I also love them for pop coloring on the outer corner of my eye.  They place color exactly where you need.  I also use the Bdellium Tools brush to darken my crease and make it more exact.
Royal & Langnickel BC430 & Sonia Kashuk 109 – These brushes are amazing!  I love using them to blend out my crease color or to pop on my highlight color.  The R&L brush is really amazing for crease work.  It is tapered so nicely and can really work into and blend out your crease color.  Have you noticed that I love blending brushes?  I have an obsession with crease work.
MAC 219 – This is great for depositing color under the eye.  I love a smoked out look and use this everyday.  It has stayed nice and stiff through out many washes.  Which is great because my Sigma ones have become way to fluffed out. 

Sorry for showing dirty brushes, but I am a bad girl and do not wash them too often. 
What are your favorite brushes?  I would love to know and check them out! 
Yesterday was my first day back to school.  Womp Womp.  I am not exactly the biggest school enthusiast.  I think college is necessary, but not for all.  I will one day have my bachelors.  When that day will be I am not sure.  Anyone want to go to school for me! Ha! 
Anywho I am working on some great new pieces for my etsy shop and wanted to share. 
They will be in the shop soon! And I can’t wait to show you all of them! So stay tuned!
City Styles
P.S.  – These are all my eye brushes!

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