My Etsy Wishlist !

I love Esty.  Love is an understatement!  I am obsessed with it.  You can find so many cool gadgets and beautiful jewelry and so much more.  I currently have an Esty wishlist and wanted to share with you all.   Do you do this?  I favorite something and one by one I buy the items on my list.  About every paycheck I buy myself something off the list.  And sometimes when I’ve had a really crappy week or if I feel like I deserve more I buy two things!  This is also a great thing to share with loved ones or family during the holidays.  They can just get you something right off the list.  

 And for the Shop Crystal Quartz Pendants
What is on your Esty wishlist?  And if you have never been on the website you must go right now.  You can spend hours just searching through all the amazing shops.  And don’t forget to stop by mine!
So I am back at school today and I feel the need to rant, not about school but about peoples perceptions.  When I tell someone I go to FIT they go oh how nice, what do you design.  Or something along those lines.  Not everyone that goes to FIT is a designer.  There are many different majors.  And I am not trying to knock people who are is design, they have a ton of work and I commend them.  But, people get with it.  Not everyone is a designer.  There are lots of other branches of fashion.  It just becomes annoying to tell people all the time like no sorry I don’t go to school for design, I go to school for merchandising.  Anyway, rant end.  Just had to get that off my chest. 

City Styles 

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