Holy Grails aka Amazball Products!

I have to say over the past four or so years I have tried many products, but I have honed in on the ones that I love the most!  Everyone has different products that they repurchase over and over again but these are mine!

Love this stuff!!! They need to bring this to the states now!! It is more of a gel texture and just goes on so smoothly and stays perfectly all day.  It does oxidize a little bit on my, but to be honest I don’t mind.   It doesn’t cling to my dry patches and gives me a great glow throughout the day.
I have about 2 tubes of this left.  I started out with about four.  I have used many other eye primers but this ones dries to a nice powdery texture and makes my eyeshadow last all day and it never creases on me.  I have started to use this under my concealer too.  It works like a charm!
If you have read about my morning skincare routine then you know how I feel about this.  It is just amazing and would never go a day without it.
My ultimate crease/blending color.  I have loved this color ever since I purchased the Naked palette many moons ago.  I loved it so much I bought a single to travel with.  I use this as my crease color and blending color and even as a brow powder.  For me its a multipurpose product and I love that.  
This is like a cult favorite on Youtube.  And I totally understand why.  It gives you the most amazing glow ever.  It looks so natural.  When I am not sure what blush to use I always go for this.  It is a no brainer on days I want a natural flush or when I am running out the door.
A god send!!  I can be a very horrible sleeper sometimes.  I have those nights where my brain just will not shut off and the next morning I horrible under eye circles.  This counter acts any of my purple/blue circles.  I use this everyday and can’t thank Lisa enough for introducing me to this.
Oh Chanel!  This was my first purchase from Chanel and will probably the one item I will buy over and over again.  If you aren’t into fragrant foundations don’t even try Chanel.  I just happen to love the smell.  I am not one for a full coverage foundation, and this is perfect.  It is more of a medium, buildable foundation.  It is so sheer and light, you hardly feel like you have anything on. 
This happens to be my favorite high end mascara.  I am trying something new now that I might like more, but that will be another post.  Anyway, this makes my lashes look nice and long and is perfect to layer with other mascaras.  Plus, it doesn’t flake or transfer.
And this happens to be my favorite drugstore mascara.  Love this!  It make my lashes look like I am wearing falsies.  I love layering this with the Tarte one.  This also doesn’t flake or transfer.
Oh my love!  This also needs to come to the states asap!  This hands down is one of the best solutions for taking off makeup.  It does not feel oily and doesn’t leave any residue behind.  I have never had any trouble with it taking off mascara.  It just does wonders!
What are your holy grail, amazball items?   
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