Skincare Edition: Morning Routine

I have been known to be the girl that sleeps in her makeup and secretly doesn’t really care if others may gasp at that fact.  But, I have realized that the more I take care of my skin the better it looks.  Yes of course I still sleep in my makeup from time to time, but I have been getting better. 
I truly believe you need to take great care of your skin.  I have seen the effects of doing so.  I used to have very acne prone, dry skin.  I was never confident enough to walk out of the house without makeup on.  That’s when I decided I need to get on the skincare band wagon.  I have set up a great morning and night routine that I want to share.
I was totally drawn in by the packaging on this one.  I have tried many toners and have not been to happy with any of them.  Most leave my skin to dry.  But this!  This one is amazing.  It smells so good too.  I put a quarter size amount on a cotton round and apply all over my face.  This gets rid of all my nasty oils from my nights sleep and makes me feel refreshed. 

My HOLY GRAIL!! This is amazballs!  I can’t say enough good things about this.  I first got a sample of this in a 500 pt perk at Sephora and was instantly hooked.  It has helped my skin improve 100%.  I put this on before my moisturizer, because it helps my moisturizer sink in more.  It has also helped with my redness.  I have always had red cheeks, and I mean always.  But, since I have been using this serum my redness has dramatically reduced.  I could never go a day without this!  I truly would recommend this to anyone and everyone!

Now I will tell you I have extremely, extremely dry skin!! No matter how humid or hot it may be, my skin needs a whole ton of moisture.  I have tried so many moisturizers.  Most do not hold up for me.  But, these two moisturizers do!  They are both light weight and extremely moisturizing.  I choose from day to day which one I want to use, I truly don’t have a preference of which one I like more.
What are your skincare essentials?  I would love to know!  I always like hearing about the new latest and greatest!
City Styles
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