A few posts back I shared with you my favorite nude lipsticks from the drugstore.  I decided that I want to make it into a monthly post.  So this month I am featuring my favorite high end coral lipsticks.  If you know me then you know that I love coral!  I love bright lips.  I am definitely not afraid of wearing color.  

Dior Candide – Givenchy Croisiere Coral – MAC Viva Glam Nicki 

Lime Crime Geraduim – Chanel Enjouee –   Tom Ford True Coral 

Dior – Givenchy – MAC – Lime Crime – Chanel – Tom Ford 

Dior – Givenchy – MAC 

Lime Crime – Chanel – Tom Ford 
Each and every one of these lipsticks are extra creamy  and very pigmented!  I love the lasting power the finish and stain they leave behind.  They are all different from each other and that’s why I love each one of them.  They each give a different intensity.  When I am not feeling such a bold lip I go for Dior Candide.  It gives me the coral I am craving, but it doesn’t attract attention from others.  When I am in a feisty mood I go more for Chanel Enjouee or Tom Ford True Coral.  They definitely attract attention.  But my go to lately has been Givenchy Croisiere Coral.  The packaging is just gorgeous and it gives me  more of a satin finish.  It is certainly less creamy then the others, which I have been loving.  But truly they are all amazing! 
If you like bright lips like me what are your favorites?? And please let me know if this monthly post is something you would like to see! 

City Styles 

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