La Creme

I have totally been into cream blushes lately.  In the past I never gave them a second look, but Dior and  Chanel came out with new cream blushes so I had to give them a try.  I must say I like!  They wear really well throughout the day and give great pigmentation.  I am actually considering buying them in other shades.

I have been using a Walmart angled blush brush to apply them.  It is always a good idea to use a synthetic brush to apply cream products.  It deposits color better and much easier to clean.
The Dior blush reminds me of a better version of the Maybelline bouncy blushes.  And the Chanel reminds me of the NYX cream blushes.  But I truly love the Dior and Chanel more.  They have just the right pigmentation and last through the day.

What are your favorite cream blushes and how do you apply them?

In other news I cut my hair last week and I am loooooving it!  I feel like it makes me look more sophisticated and mature.  And it is a great length for summer time.  I will be sharing my hair journey soon.  I have gone from blonde to dark brown back to blonde and long hair to short hair to even shorter hair.


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