My Etsy Wishlist !

I love Esty.  Love is an understatement!  I am obsessed with it.  You can find so many cool gadgets and beautiful jewelry and so much more.  I currently have an Esty wishlist and wanted to share with you all.   Do you do this?  I favorite something and one by one I buy the items [...]

Take a Good Look in the EYE !

If you are a makeup junkie like myself then you too probably have a crap ton of brushes.  I have way too many, but I tend to gravitate towards certain ones.  They are my tried and true.  They always make my eye makeup look the best.  And I truly believe you all need these in [...]

Bronzing Cream + Who Else Wants a Reunion !

I don't know about you but I get very upset when a beauty product is available in another country, but not available in the US.  I tend to want it more because it is hard to get.  That's what happened with the Bourjois Bronzing Primer.  If you don't know Bourjois is the parent company to [...]

Sunday Funday !

So this past Sunday my friends and I went to brunch at Pranna.  We had a nice time drinking and dancing, but I won't be day drinking again! I had a massive headache later on in the day.  Too many Bellini's for me.Now remember yesterday how I said I was disappointed in the Marc Jacobs concealer.  [...]

Holy Grails aka Amazball Products!

I have to say over the past four or so years I have tried many products, but I have honed in on the ones that I love the most!  Everyone has different products that they repurchase over and over again but these are mine!Rimmel Wake Me Up FoundationLove this stuff!!! They need to bring this [...]

Skincare Edition: Morning Routine

I have been known to be the girl that sleeps in her makeup and secretly doesn't really care if others may gasp at that fact.  But, I have realized that the more I take care of my skin the better it looks.  Yes of course I still sleep in my makeup from time to time, [...]